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People are the most important asset and the single largest line-item expense for any business.  People are directly responsible for every organization's culture and productivity.  Is there a single aspect of your business that is more important to get right than your people?  Organizations I work with believe there is a better way to maximize talent within their businesses.


As a FocalPoint Certified Business Coach and Certified Executive Coach, I partner with TTI Success Insights to provide a variety of industry-leading assessments. Since 1984, TTI has worked with over 100,000 organizations of all shapes, sizes, and creeds. Together, we help deliver an awareness of self, recognition of others, and skills to adapt for improved communication.


Assessments refer to the process or act of evaluating an individual or organization’s knowledge, skills, or performance related to a particular subject, topic, or process.


TTI Success Insights' selection of this year’s Top Assessment and Evaluation Companies List was based on the following criteria:

  • Diversity of assessment capabilities

  • Quality and innovation of evaluation techniques

  • Company size and growth potential

  • Quality and number of clients/users 

  • Awards, recognition, and competitive differentiation

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