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I furnish training workshops and coaching services that improve professional skills and knowledge, and most importantly, attitude.  According to studies, ATITUDE is responsible for 85% of why people are successful.  Improving how we think has the greatest impact on individual and team performance.   


Content is presented using adult learning methods and application exercises to maximize learning and retention for sustained behavior change.

Individuals and organizations who embrace and implement this combined power of enhanced skills, knowledge, and attitude gain a competitive advantage.  

In addition to onsite workshops, online content is available for you to work at your chosen time and pace.  I also regularly host live workshops and seminars in addition to 1-on-1 consultations.  More details can be found in your area of interest below.

Services Available
  • Skills, Strategies, Winning!
  • Individual and Team Development proven by over 5 million graduates
  • Next Level Leadership
  • Sales process, strategy, scaling, leadership development, playbooks
  • Understand Yourself and Others. Behaviors, Communication & Motivators
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