The Keys to Building Effective Executives,

High-Performance Teams and

World-Class Organizations

The Goal

Knowledge, technology, and competition are increasing today at a rate never seen before.  To survive and thrive in a fast-changing world, executives and organizations must out-team, out-think and out-perform their competitors every single day!

The Solution

The best companies have the best people, and top people are those who think and act faster and better than others.  High-Performance Leadership gives you the ideas, methods, strategies and techniques used by all highly effective executives, profitable businesses and world-class teams.

You learn specific, proven, practical ways to plan, organize, staff-manage, motivate and think better than ever before.  You learn how to get more done with fewer resources, and how to function effectively in times of rapid change.

How You Benefit

Each session gives you a series of practical ideas you can use immediately to get better results.  You receive specific action-oriented recommendations that can be applied to every area of your organization to achieve world-class status.

The Training

A fully flexible, multi-media, video-assisted training program, complete with workbooks, exercises and audio reinforcement. 

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The Program

  • Becoming a Leader

  • Key Functions of Managers

  • Seven Secrets of Managerial Success

  • How Excellent Leaders Lead

  • The Formula for Strategic Planning

  • Becoming a Master of Change

  • Motivating People for Maximum Results

  • Creating a Great Place to Work

  • Fielding a Winning Team

  • Communicate With Power

  • Boosting Employee Performance

  • Delegation - The Key to Leverage

  • Inspect What You Expect

  • Coping With Difficult People

  • The Manager, Coach, and Confidant

  • Getting the Best Out of Others

  • Meeting Management Magic

  • How to Solve Every Problem

  • Making the Best Decision

  • Balancing Your Total Life