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Kevin Onarecker

In my corporate career, I crafted winning strategies and built successful sales teams in the highly competitive verticals of pharmaceuticals, medical nutrition, and MedTech.  I worked with small startup organizations, mid-sized companies, and a Fortune 100 global leader.  


I "carried the bag" and conducted thousands of sales calls with healthcare professionals, large hospitals, and enormous Group Purchasing Organizations.  I competed as the "little guy" against much larger competitors... and won.  I've also been part of market-dominating organizations.  I sold products that cost only a few dollars and I negotiated eight-figure contracts.  Over the course of my career, I delivered sales revenue totaling nearly one billion dollars.  It is safe to say that I understand how to compete successfully and sell successfully across a broad spectrum. 


Having experienced two acquisitions and integrations into new organizations, I have first-hand experience with uncertainty and leading through significant change and challenges. 

Starting my career as a professional sales representative, I progressed through sales training roles, sales management, corporate accounts, and ultimately, to VP of Sales.  I was fortunate to work with talented professionals all along the way.  I'm proud of all we accomplished together and the wonderful relationships.  

In 2020 I left the corporate world to start Onarecker Consulting.  Drawing upon many years of knowledge and experience, I now help individuals, teams, and organizations successfully achieve their goals through training, coaching, and consulting.  


I also leverage an extensive library of proven business strategies and tools originally developed by the renowned Brian Tracy.  Author of over 80 books, Brian's expertise in human and business achievement has enabled over 5,000 businesses to realize growth and prosperity using his methods.  His professional development courses have graduated over five million individuals the world over.  


As a FocalPoint Certified Executive Coach, Certified Business Coach, and Trainer,  I now deliver those same programs and services to bring clarity, identify solutions, optimize strategies and overcome challenges.  Producing tangible results, I help individuals and teams thrive and perform at their peak.  Let's work together to achieve your goals!

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