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Business Acumen for Sales Professionals


The world's best sales professionals don't play checkers, they play chess. They win consistently by knowing, understanding, and leveraging key business skills, information, and trends. They bring unique value to their organizations and their customers. 


Business Acumen for Sales Professionals is an interactive workshop that empowers you to advance your business acumen, resulting in greater professional effectiveness and performance.

Develop a deeper understanding of business acumen through discussion, individual exercises, and group exercises. Pave the way for increased success in your selling and career endeavors. 


Business Acumen for Sales Professionals workshop participants will:

  • Define business acumen and understand its core concepts

  • Enhance the skill of making good business decisions

  • Learn the Quota Formula and use it to your advantage

  • Glean trends and key insights from data and reports

  • Determine the net sales revenue growth required to achieve your sales quota

  • Identify, analyze and select your best options to generate more sales revenue volume

  • Understand how to build a healthy sales pipeline

  • Identify, protect, retain, and grow key customers

  • Create your personalized plan to achieve quota

  • Learn effective goal setting strategies

  • Construct powerful probing strategies

  • Build your organizational business acumen

  • Expand your customer-oriented business acumen

  • Increase your industry-oriented business acumen

  • Plot a course for personal continuous learning and development

  • Analyze key attitudes that support business acumen and personal success

  • Create a one-page success plan and accountability partnership

Business Acumen for Sales Professionals workshops are available on-site or online. To learn more or to schedule a workshop click the "book now" button below.

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