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As a sales professional, your success greatly depends on achieving or exceeding your annual sales quota.  Your ability to achieve your quota directly impacts your earnings and your career aspirations. 


Are the odds of success in your favor or do you feel like they are stacked against you?  Do you have a detailed, written plan including goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics for hitting your sales goals?  According to research, if you don't have such a plan you are far less likely to achieve your goals.


Multiple studies show those who simply write down their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to accomplish their goals than people who don't!


Is it possible to raise your odds of success even further?  Yes!  Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews found goal achievement in the workplace was influenced by three key actions: “1) writing goals, 2) committing to goal-directed actions, and 3) creating accountability for those actions."  By doing these three things, study participants were able to escalate their success rate up to 76%.  As a participant in Work Smarter, Hit Your Goals you will incorporate all three best practice elements as you navigate the course and complete your personalized Playbook.  

Work Smarter, Hit Your Goals! is a highly interactive training workshop wherein we identify HOW to achieve your goals.  We identify the real revenue growth required for you to achieve quota.  We highlight the underlying sales dynamics that impact your territory and the influence they have on your sales revenue growth.  We examine the three ways to grow sales revenue and how you can leverage each in your territory.  At each step along the way, you will systematically create your Playbook - your success roadmap for the year.


In your Playbook, you will write your goals and objectives.  You will determine key goal-directed actions and specify strategies, tactics, and timelines.  Importantly, you also identify an accountability partner (typically your sales manager) who will now be able to partner with you in a meaningful way to ensure focus and success.

As a Work Smarter, Hit Your Goals! Course participant, you will:

  • Craft your Playbook - your personal, written strategic plan to grow sales revenue, level up your professional skills, and achieve quota

  • Understand your territory’s revenue dynamics and accurately determine the net sales revenue growth required to achieve quota

  • Understand the four core concepts of generating sales revenue growth and how each impacts your territory

  • Create a personalized action plan to drive sales effectiveness by strategically maximizing professional skills and best practices:

    • Define a Sales Process that is effective, defined, and repeatable

    • Maximize your closing success rate 

    • Increase your quantity of sales opportunities

    • Increase your quality of sales opportunities

    • Increase the dollar value of your sales opportunities

    • Minimize the time required to close the sale and gain product utilization

    • Improve critical Product Knowledge to optimally position your products

    • Optimize your Attitude: Coachability and Self-Management

    • Compete effectively in your territory

  • Boil it all down to your One Page Success Plan


Make no mistake - this is a working event.  If you want to hear a few tips and move on, this workshop is not recommended for you.  On the other hand, if you're willing to invest the work and create a meaningful Playbook for success, please join me for Work Smarter, Hit Your Goals.  Put the odds of success firmly in YOUR corner.


To book an appointment with Kevin to learn more OR to schedule Work Smarter, Hit Your Goals! training for your team, click on the "book now" button below.

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