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Back on Track!

According to Harvard Business Review, between 40% and 48% of sales professionals perform under their quota. That means businesses underperform, too. For individual sales professionals, earnings are negatively impacted as well as careers.  

For professionals who are behind on their year-to-date quota, the key to successful course correction is recognizing that the trend will not change if action is not taken. And, the earlier in the year action is taken, the better. It is vital to understand root causes, identify solutions, and create an actionable plan to overcome challenges and salvage your year.   

Back On Track! is a highly interactive workshop that reroutes sales professionals from underperforming to a successful year. In the workshop, participants diagnose what their challenges are and understand why they are happening. Most importantly, they identify solutions to overcome those challenges. 

Back On Track! participants create a detailed, personalized playbook. The playbook contains their revised, written goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics. Participants also identify an accountability partner who keeps them focused and on track.  Why? According to studies, writing out goals, connecting action plans to those goals, and having an accountability partner to keep you on track with those goals, increases the likelihood of achieving your goals by up to 76%!    

Back On Track! workshop participants will:

  • Identify the challenges that are impacting them, and know why they are occurring

  • Understand their territory’s revenue dynamics

  • Determine the net sales revenue growth required to get back on track and achieve year-end goals

  • Establish monthly sales goals

  • Knowledgeably select the best options to generate more sales revenue volume

  • Identify key customers and create a strategic plan to protect, retain, and grow them

  • Create a comprehensive personal playbook to grow sales revenue and achieve quota

  • Create a personal action plan to maximize professional effectiveness

  • Establish an effective and repeatable sales process

  • Enhance closing success rate through:

    • Better Pipeline Management

    • Leveraging The 3 Pillars of Success  

  • Increase the quantity, quality, and dollar value of sales opportunities

  • Reduce the time required to close the sale and gain product utilization

  • Position products more effectively

  • Optimize attitude: develop coachability and self-management

  • Compete effectively

  • Create a one-page success plan and accountability partnership


To book an appointment with me and learn more OR to schedule Back On Track! training for your team, click "book now." 

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