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By purchasing Group Executive Coaching, February 2022 you gain access to the four Executive Coaching programs offered for the month.


NOTE: Access will be provided via a meeting invite and Zoom link sent to your email. 


February programs include:


Week 1: Know Thyself


  • Clearly understand your behavioral style
  • Understand and appreciate the differences in people
  • Communicate more effectively

Week 2: Identify Your Values


  • Individuate and articulate your core personal values
  • Select values that govern the culture of your business •
  • Choose the strategic business values upon which to make critical business decisions


Week 3:  Identify Your Starting Point


  • Identify the four key areas of your life
  • Determine your satisfaction level in each of these four key life areas
  • Establish clear benchmarks in each of these key life areas against which you can measure your progress


Week 4: State Your Purpose


  • Clarify your personal purpose
  • Align your business with your personal purpose
  • Align your key stakeholders with your purpose

Group Executive Coaching, February 2022

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