By purchasing Group Executive Coaching, March 2022 you gain access to the four Executive Coaching programs offered for the month.


NOTE: Access will be provided via a meeting invite and Zoom link sent to your email. 


March programs include:


Week 1: Identify Your Areas of Excellence


  • Discover the special talents and abilities you possess today
  • Identify the core competency you will require in the future
  • Develop a plan to ensure you master this core competency

Week 2: Identify Your Limiting Factors


  • Discover the source of fully eighty percent of all constraints holding you back
  • Identify the critical constraints limiting your progress toward your goals
  • Develop plans to overcome the critical constraints in both your career and business


Week 3:  Create Your Personal Strategic Plan


  • Create your vision of an ideal career and business by answering eight foundational strategic questions
  • Articulate your mission
  • Determine the disciplines, skills and activities you will require to carry out your mission and achieve your vision


Week 4: Define Solutions Using Your GAP Analysis


  • After completing this session, you will be able to apply the GAP analysis to the various facets of your life.

Group Executive Coaching, March 2022

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