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By purchasing Group Executive Coaching, May 2022 you gain access to the four Executive Coaching programs offered for the month.


NOTE: Access will be provided via a meeting invite and Zoom link sent to your email. 


March programs include:


Week 1: Simplification: Goal Setting


  • Apply the Aristotelian Principle to enhance productivity
  • Solve any problem by drilling down to its essential core
  • Achieve your most challenging goals by applying GOSPA Analysis method of planning

Week 2: Communication Breakthrough & Workplace Communication


  • Understand behavioral styles
  • Communicate effectively with different behavioral styles
  • Master effective communication at work


Week 3: Time Management and Productivity


  • Develop new habits that will dramatically increase your level of productivity
  • Learn new skills that will make you a top producer in your field
  • Achieve more and better results in less time


Week 4: Presentation Effectiveness


  • Communicate effectively with groups
  • Learn best practices for presetation building
  • Leverage technology to communicate your message

Group Executive Coaching, May 2022

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